Moseley Book of the Month

Moseley Reads "The Spyglass" for Book of the Month
Posted on 10/21/2016

Students and teachers at Moseley Elementary School have been participating in a school-wide Book of the Month reading project this year.

The book for September was “The Spyglass,” by Richard Paul Evans.

According to the book itself, “This powerful fable offers a lesson about hope and inspires readers to see the world through the eyes of faith.”

After reading the book school-wide, students completed a variety of projects to enhance their understanding of the complex ideas presented in the book.

Shelby Bellamy’s fourth grade students honed their writing skills by sharing the ways they would apply the theme of the story to their own lives. 

Yassah Lee’s students also focused on the theme, "Change requires WORK."  They brainstormed examples of problems they have encountered, and ways they can be turned into goals. They developed plans to work on these challenges until they see their desired changes.

Ginny Moss’ second graders, who have been working on identifying the main idea in text, used that strategy to help understand the story.

Jill Ashford’s fifth grade class focused on this quote from the story, “You have seen what might be. Now make it so.” They were challenged to visualize and write about what their future will look like, if they have faith in themselves, and how they will make that future a reality. They also applied their artistic skills by creating pictures of the kingdom in the story, after faith restored it to its original grandeur.

Kaley Brosky’s third grade students also worked on creative projects, including building models of their own kingdoms.