Mellon Elementary Reflex Program

Mellon Students Surpass Math Facts Goal
Posted on 10/13/2016

Mellon Elementary School is using a new program called Reflex this year that allows students to work on math-fact fluency. 

Reflex is being used school-wide, and Mellon’s staff created yearlong student goals for the program. 

By the end of the first nine weeks, students were to reach 250,000 facts practiced; 500,000 for the second nine weeks; 750,000 for the third nine weeks; and 1,000,000 by the end of the year. 

Each goal met would mean something special as a reward for the students.

“The students surpassed our expectations by reaching their first goal in a matter of four weeks,” said Vanessa Gollnick, math coach at Mellon. “We were astonished needless to say.” 

For their first reward, the students who had learned the most facts competed in a tricycle race with Principal Joe Theobold Sept. 30. 

“The students could barely contain their excitement for the race and cheered on their peers loudly,” Gollnick said. “Although Mr. Theobold was sure he would be victorious, he was defeated in every race.”

Because of the overwhelming response from the students to learn their math facts on Reflex, Gollnick said the school’s staff has decided that their goal will be 1,000,000 math facts by the end of the first semester. If the students achieve this goal, they will earn a field day celebration for all their hard work.

“As of today (Oct. 10) we are at 350,000 and I am certain we will obtain our goal by December,” she said.