Dual Enrollment

Putnam County School District Dual
Enrollment Students Summer 2017-30 Reminders:


Go through your high school dual enrollment guidance counselor if you have any questions.  All schedule changes must be done through your high school dual enrollment contacts,
Mrs Hough or Mrs. Jenkins at 329-0536 .

  Read your SJR State schedule and make sure you understand it. 

   Accessing Email, Online Classes and the Dual Enrollment Tab: Log into http://sjrstate.edu and click on "MySJRstate".  The first time you log on click on the user acceptance policy agreement to get your SJR State ID.  Log into "My SJRstate" to access your email and click "Email".To access your online courses log onto "MySJRstate" and click the tab "MyCourses".


    What do I do if I need help with “my SJRstate” account?

webhelp@sjrcc.edu or call 1-888-757-2293 for assistance. 
         Web Help will be available for assistance
Monday - Friday  9:00am to 4:00 pm
 you will receive a response Monday-Thursday within 24 hours. Leave a message after hours or email Helpdesk@vikings.sjrstateedu.

 ​TERM  Start Date  End Date  ADD/Drop
(schedule change)
 Withdrawal with "w" Total Weeks 
5/10/17 8/10/17 5/16/17 7/17/17 14
SummerA  5/10/17 6/22/17  5/12/17  6/12/17  7
 SummerB  6/27/17 8/10/17 6/29/17  7/31/17  7


If you need to drop a class, after it's specific add/drop date above you will receive a "W" which makes you ineligible for dual enrollment for all future semesters.  If you are currently enrolled in other dual enrollment classes, you will be allowed to continue in these courses.
    If you never attended class or have excessive absences, you  may be withdrawn from class.  It's your responsibility to make sure you're withdrawn from the class to prevent earning a failing grade.

   High School Students-Textbooks: To get your books for the summer term go to the following location at your high school even if your class does not start until June 29th you need to get your books now.

CCHS Front Office
(Ms. Jenkins)   May 1, 2017 9:00am- 2:00pm

IHS Media Center (Ms. Jones)        May 3-4, 2017   8:00am- 2:00pm

PHS Front Office  (Mrs. Jenkins)    ​May 3-4, 2017  8:00am- 2:00pm


   Dual Enrollment students must  have a SJR State parking permit.  You will need to log into "MySJRstate" to begin the process of securing your free parking permit.

Public School Students-
f you are given a book voucher from your high school, you must bring your schedule and book voucher to SJR State Bookstore to receive your books.

SJR bookstore hours are M-F, 7:30am-4:30pm.

Private, Home School and Florida Virtual students
You must purchase your books at the SJR Bookstore.



SJR State Dual Enrollment Office:  386-312-4136
Putnam County School District Dual Enrollment Office: 386-329-0536