William D. Moseley Mural Dedicated

Mural Completed with Artist's Signature
Posted on 06/27/2016

William D. Moseley’s likeness now adorns the elementary school named after him.

Moseley Elementary School held a dedication ceremony for the mural featuring Florida’s first governor in May.

The mural was considered officially finished when artist Nina Mateyunas signed her name to it.

Mateyunas said the murals in Palatka usually contain small features for viewers to find. She said when she told the students about it, they suggested that she put two small birds in the mural, which she did.

Students Jacqueline Harper, Destiny Francesch and Ericka Garcia-Rivera presented a history of Moseley to the audience.

John Alexander, president of the Conlee-Snyder Mural Committee, spoke about the mural committee’s mission. Larry Beaton of the Putnam Historical Society spoke about Moseley’s history and connections to Palatka.

Allison Watson and Mat Haughton, descendants of Moseley, attended the dedication.

Teacher Alice Adams coordinated the mural project.